Advantages to moving your SAP Portal to the SAP Cloud Platform

January 11, 2018

With over 13,000 customers the on premise SAP Portal is one of the move widely adopted technologies SAP has ever introduced.

The on premise SAP Portal provides enterprises a solution for sophisticated intranets which integrate large amounts of transactions from backend SAP systems.

Recent UI improvements found in version 7.5 provides users with a, much needed, upgrade. The new experience matches what is already available via Fiori 2.0 applications.

With the introduction of the SAP Cloud Platform portal, enterprises are able to use a cloud based solution to simply setup mobile ready line of business sites automatically built to interact with customers, vendors or employees.

Advantages of moving your portal to the cloud


Running your Portal in the cloud is much easier than an on premise implementation. SAP Cloud Platform Portal lowers TCO by eliminating the need for on premise systems & upgrades.

Speed and Features Availability

Cloud Portal offers more frequent innovations and seamless enhancements on a bi-weekly basis.

Access to Local Systems

You can build, brand, and publish portal sites with Cloud Portal that integrate with on-premise and cloud systems.

Latest User Experience

As design standards change, the Portal’s look and feel will never become out-dated, because the UX is upgraded to the latest SAP Fiori design automatically.

If you would like more information on moving your on premise portal to the cloud, please contact us.