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Advantages to moving your SAP Portal to the SAP Cloud Platform

Jan 11 2018

With over 13,000 customers the on premise SAP Portal is one of the move widely adopted technologies SAP has ever introduced. The…

SAP Cloud Connector – Setup Walk Through

Jun 26 2017

The SAP Cloud Platform cloud connector (formerly the Hana Cloud Connector) serves as the link between on-demand applications in SAP Cloud Platform…

Galactic Inbox For SAP Using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

May 08 2017

Several weeks ago SAP and Apple officially announced the release of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. The purpose of the…

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS : Available Now

Apr 05 2017

The companies will deliver a new SAP Cloud Platform SDK exclusively for iOS that will provide businesses, designers and developers the tools…

SAP Fiori News Highlights – February 2017

Feb 06 2017

February has had some very interesting articles on SAP Fiori, here are some from SAP

SAP Fiori News Highlights – January 2017

Jan 09 2017

January has had some very interesting articles on SAP Fiori, here are some from SAP

Sample SAP Fiori Interview Questions

Jan 03 2017

Following are some of the most important SAP Fiori questions being asked today.

Lessons Learned in SAP UX Design

Apr 20 2016

Over the past several years, we have worked on a number of different UX projects. Some of them were utilizing SAP technology…

Demo of Fiori running on the SAP Enterprise Portal

Nov 16 2015

The release of the SAPUI5 architecture and the corresponding SAP Fiori applications has introduced a lot of excitement in to the SAP…

Fiori Accelerator

Nov 09 2015

Fiori Accelerator is a cloud-based tool that empowers business, designers, and technical users to rapidly create and extend applications for the desktop…

Fiori for SAP Netweaver Portal

Oct 22 2015

The SAP portal has been a part of the SAP landscape for over 10yrs. Over those ten years, thousands of SAP customers…

Fiori Development Survey

Sep 10 2015

We have been wondering for some time what people’s experiences have been with developing SAP Fiori applications. SAP has done a terrific…

Google Analytics Integration with SAPUI5 / Fiori

Sep 08 2015

With the release Fiori, SAP has announced to the world that it is serious about improving the lives of users and it…