Sample SAP Fiori Interview Questions

January 3, 2017

Following are some of the most important SAP Fiori questions being asked today.

SAPUI5 is client side HTML5 rendering framework or library. Fiori is collection of and released as waves of applications which are based on SAPUI5 framework. It allows you to create applications using SAPUI5 framework while Fiori apps are the finished product.

SAP Fiori is collection of standard applications based on SAPUI5 library provided by SAP. SAP Fiori applications share some standard design guidelines and way in which these application are developed.

There are 5 design principles we need to keep in mind while designing SAP Fiori applications. Role-Based, Delightful, Simple, Responsive and Coherent.

There are more than 500 Fiori applications, SAP has provided a Shell or single point place from where we can access the all the applications. This serves as a home page for all the Fiori applications provided to. This shows a tile based user interface where every tile redirects to assigned Fiori application.

Yes, there are a number of ‘enhancement points’ which allow you to modify the Fiori application and still remain safe when conducting upgrades.