Benefits Of Using the The SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

April 27, 2017

The SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations provides various mobile centric services, such as authentication, device registration, logging and proxying of back-end services. All these services are app specific. This allows having several that are setup using different settings.

  • Your app is always communicating with the same Mobile Services end-point. If you want to use another service, you don’t have to change the app, as the eventual end-point stays hidden for the app. It suffices to point your mobile services end-point to the new service.
  • Mobile services contains a device registration feature that allows a device to be de-authorized when the device is e.g. lost.
  • Mobile services have features that allow the user not to have to re-authenticate every time they launch the app, as long as a token is securely stored and re-used when the application is launched again.
  • Mobile services provide out-of-the-box features to configure your app on an app-specific, user-specific or device-specific level. It is e.g. possible to set a particular device of a user to debugging-level to gain better insight into what is happening with the application
  • Mobile services provides analytics features to monitor usage of your application per platform, device type or user group.

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