Enhanced User Experiences for SAP

October 1, 2015

SAP has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. The full suite of SAP software provides businesses a single integrated platform for conducting all of their business processes. An enterprise can rely on a single company to provide software for sales people to register leads, create their expense reports and, eventually, report in the company’s financial reports.

The ERP world is changing; no longer are companies looking to big-bang ERP system rollouts. Companies are able to increase the return on their SAP investments by increasing the number of users in the SAP user-base. When users are able to directly access data, they are more efficient and provide better results.

Historically SAP has done a poor job of providing modern easy to use environment for users. To access SAP systems, user have go through multiple training sessions, learn new terminology and, in some cases, have to worry about what software is installed on their systems. Only until recently SAP hasn’t been concerned with the devices users use to access their information.

There are many development frameworks out there which can help developers build applications which would enhance the user experience and help get the most out of past SAP investments.

Here are some examples of replacing screens found in the client-server based SAPGUI with modern web and mobile screens.











Users would experience an environment similar to what they are already used with with other web applications.

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