SAP Cloud Connector – Setup Walk Through

June 26, 2017

The SAP Cloud Platform cloud connector (formerly the Hana Cloud Connector) serves as the link between on-demand applications in SAP Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems.

It combines an easy clear configuration of the systems that are exposed to SAP Cloud Platform. In addition, you can control the resources available for the cloud applications in those systems.

Initial Setup

Enter the following required pieces of information

Regional Host
Subaccount Name
Subaccount User

Configure Gateway System

Click on Cloud to On-Premise in the right hand column


Add New Gateway System

Click the + symbol to add a new Gateway System

Select SAP Gateway

Select Protocol

Enter Host and Protocol

Enter the name of the local machine and port

Enter Virtual Names

For security you might want to change the host and port names

Select Principal Propagation Type
Typically this is None
Optionally add a description
Verify Settings
Verify settings and click Check Internal Host
Add Resource
Select the newly created System and click on the + button
Add Path
You can add ‘/’ to allow access to all services.

To be more secure you can add individual URL Paths

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