The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS : Available Now

April 5, 2017

The companies will deliver a new SAP Cloud Platform SDK exclusively for iOS that will provide businesses, designers and developers the tools to quickly and efficiently build their own iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, based on SAP Cloud Platform, SAP’s enterprise platform as a service.

Start building native iOS enterprise apps with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS available here. The SDK includes features such as:

  • SAPCommon: logging
  • SAPFoundation: support for network, authentication, push, storage, configuration, supportability, and more
  • SAPOData: OData v2 and v4 compliant client implementation, creation of strongly typed client proxy classed for easy OData service consumption
  • SAPOfflineOData: capabilities to take OData v2 services offline and work locally on the device
  • SAPFiori: UI controls for building great enterprise apps that are compliant with the Fiori for iOS design language
  • Assistant: a tool to generate scaffolding projects using the SDK, incl. sample apps with master-detail UI based on any OData service