Websites vs. Web Applications

October 12, 2015

What is the difference between a web application and a website? Confusing them is easy since they share many attributes ( including the word ‘Web’ ).

NewYorkTimesA website is a collection of pages consisting mostly of static content, images and video, with limited interactive functionality (i.e. except for the contact form and search functionality). The primary role of a website is to inform. Some websites use content management systems to render dynamic content, but their nature is still informational.

A website is typically a collection of connected pages consisting mostly of static content (from the user perspective), images and video. Websites usually have limited interactive functionality; excluding contact forms, search, and shopping cart functionality. The main purpose of a website is to inform the user. The communication is typically one-way

Web applications, typically, are dynamic interactive systems that allow business users perform business related tasks. TheseSpyveeS1_VendorEdit applications require a higher level of knowledge by the end user. Most users will not be able to stumble upon a business web application and ‘figure out’ how to use it. User education is typically needed to inform the user on specifics around either
processes or terminology.

Web applications range from human resource focused to systems allowing companies to track and process invoices.

During the process of determining your Enhanced UX strategy, its important to recognize when you need aspects from websites vs aspects for web applications.